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Marietta DUI Lawyer

Marietta DUI Lawyer Richard Lawson


If you are looking for an effective Marietta DUI defense attorney, your choice matters.  The outcome of your case could be determined by the skill and experience of the lawyer that represents you.  With the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, the legal team has focused on only DUI cases for over 16 years. During that time, Attorney Richard Lawson and the team have put together powerful resources to use in DUI cases.  This includes expert witnesses, scientific evidence and studies related to all aspects of the evidence used in DUI cases, and former dui attorney in marietta galaw enforcement officers and forensic accident investigators that can be called upon if necessary.



If you are arrested for DUI, refusal of a breath test  or an alleged refusal can result in a license suspension as well as additional penalties if the refusal is proven. There are circumstances however, in which you may not have been informed of the consequences of your refusal, or where the initial arrest or stop may not have been warranted or even legal. This can include an illegal arrest at a, or an unwarranted police stop. During the arrest process you will also have to schedule an ALS hearing within ten days in order to prevent an immediate suspension due to your arrest. An attorney at the firm can assist you with your case and help you fight to retain your license while your criminal case is being handled.




The right Lawyer makes all the Difference

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